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Site Build it is Not For Me

March 21, 2009

I’m a really big fan of Blogger Unleashed and loved Vic’s review of Site Build it (SBI) and how he unleashed his fury on the product.  I have to agree with Vic — in the sense that I’m a cheap bastard — and would never pay $300 bucks a year for a website.  There are far better alternatives to making money online when running a business.

Sure, I may pay $300 for a really nice design and use WordPress for the content management, but never $300 recurring fees for building a site.  These recurring costs eat away at my profit.

Vic’s business model is to produce lots of sites.   He claims that his 1200 sites earns him about 22k per month, or about $220 per year per site.  If he used Site Build it exclusively to build sites, he would take a $80/website loss or 96k loss per year.

To be fair to Site Build it, if you’re a business owner wanting to put up a site and not deal with getting domain, getting a webhost, getting a designer, SBI may be for you.   That’s how I started and worked perfect until I wanted to expand into the online market and had to keep my costs low.

Like Vic, I have lots of sites, a few make lots money, but majority of them are duds and don’t break the $50/year.  But with shared hosting these duds are making still $40 year in profit.

If I spent $300 for each “bright idea” I had, I would have still had lots of duds now costing me $250/year instead of making $40 year.  Site Build It is not for me … I just couldn’t afford it.

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  1. March 21, 2009 9:32 pm

    Yeah, Don, I hear ya.

    I like to hold on to my money, too!!!

    Being parsimonious gives us the bucks for the things we choose to spend our money on.



  1. Avoid Site Build It |

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